Trust Conference has venue partnerships with prominent places in Chennai, TamilNadu.  Flexibility with Our Conference hall is that there are few things that can compete with face-to-face meetings. Being able to shake someone’s hand, watch them in person during a presentation, and lean over to ask someone a question can make all the difference in the world.

Whether you are looking for a training venue, meeting space or strategy away day, our modern conference room with the best equipment  ensure that all of your requirements are thought of, allowing you and your colleagues to get the most out. The space offers a convenient event, presentation, or conference solution for workers and professionals

Our friendly Team is happy to recommend a suitable venue to meet your needs. We have a wide range of rooms and spaces available to hire.For larger events, multiple spaces can be hired simultaneously, with bespoke catering and refreshments packages. is yet another initiative from Trust Marketing.  It is a fact that Cost Cutting & Process automation is reducing the need for human resources, that leaves every organisation with disposable spare space which is normally left unutilised.  As the Job’s are drying up world over, coupled with technology paving way for many “Rags to Richie’s” stories,  that is inspiring many Indians to seriously consider entrepreneurship as a possible career path propelling many startups with humble start.

Every humble start looks for cost effective office space which is normally catered by many mushrooming business centers that includes even hourly package to weekly package to monthly package with all necessary infra. We @trust having moved all our workforce to “Work From Home” have converted the spare space into Business Centre as well as Conference Hall and have been successfully running this for over 4 years. Our First own conference hall came into existence helping many small budget requirement to conduct meetings and training session for many startups and corporates for over 4 years  and that is the story behind our first Conference Hall at College Road.

With our considerable success with this experiment, we are now urging many others to consider converting their sparingly used conference halls and spare office space to consider renting out. We have successfully converted a few that gives us the range of offering covering many parts of Chennai and aiming to cover and satisfy every requirement with Area & Budget for our valued customers looking for Conference Hall & Business Centers.